BEST Preschool

BEST Preschool (British Education & Sports Tiriac Preschool) is the most complete local experience a child can encounter in terms of interests and skill development through the British curriculum, combined with sport initiation, in a healthy and clean environment.

The preschool is based on the British Curriculum promoted by native expats and highly skilled professionals who will provide a premium education. Our kindergarten trusts the British curriculum for nurturing and supporting innovation, talents, and interest of each young learner of ours.

Thus, the educational program includes sports initiation through a team of professional trainers who will provide classes to the young learners at BEST Preschool. We encourage initiation for children aged from 18 months to 6 years old in running, tennis, football, swimming, ice skating, basketball and additional sports disciplines to provide a strong foundation of motor skills through fun and active classes.

The exceptional positioning within the Baneasa Forest offers a clean and healthy environment for kids, ensuring them the opportunity to explore the surroundings and to use them as a natural habitat for playful activities.