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Community Enjoy unique benefits

Privilege Exclusive

Stejarii Residential Club offers an exclusive program that rewards its residents for being part of our community. Consequently, you can access a variety of brands that offer unique benefits based on a personalized card.

Privilege Adventure

It is important for us to offer unique experiences to our guests. Privilege Adventure is a dedicated program that creates memories for a lifetime: off-road tours in the Romanian mountains, truffle hunting, exquisite tastings at prestigious vineyards, and many other private adventures.

Privilege Services

Because at Stejarii Residential Club we offer not only apartments for rent but also a lifestyle, we created for our residents a special program in which we facilitate new ways of spending free time: off-road tours on spectacular trails in the Bucegi Mountains, adrenaline and beauty in Danube Delta, visits to well-known wine cellars.

Stejarii Stories

Culinary parties, cocktail events, children’s birthdays, Halloween and Romanian Christmas traditions are just a few of the socializing opportunities inside Stejarii Residential Club. The purpose of these events is to build a strong community, where personal relationships matter.